Edgar Musgrave 1835 - 1915

George and Charlotte Musgrave's son Edgar Musgrave was born in 1835 He lost his sight during childhood.

Edgar Musgrave spent his childhood in various locations depending on where his father was preaching. By 1855 the Musgrave's had moved to Devon to the village of Withycombe Raleigh, near Exmouth.

1860 Marriage of Edgar Musgrave

George and Charlotte Musgrave's only surviving son Edgar married Henrietta Maria Teschemaker in Exmouth Devon in July 1860. This was reported on the front page of The Times Newspaper.

1861 Census Edgar Musgrave

The census below from 1861 shows Edgar and his wife Henrietta visiting her parents in Exmouth Devon.

1861 Birth of Horace Edgar Musgrave

1863 Birth of Philip Cranston Musgrave

1863 Birth of Ethel Henrietta Musgrave

1871 Census Edgar Musgrave

Edgar Musgrave was living in Cornwallis Grove, Clifton, Bristol at the time of the 1871 census. The family consisted of Edgar (35), his wife Henrietta (40), and their children Horace Edgar (9), Philip Cranston (7), and Ethel Henrietta (6)

1877 Divorce Edgar Musgrave

The Times Newspaper reported the divorce of George Musgrave's son Edgar in 1877. This article mentions that following the families move to Clifton Edgar had begun to neglect his wife and and they separated at Bairritz in 1875.


1878 2nd Marriage Edgar Musgrave
Edgar Musgrave married his second wife Louisa Esther Broughton 23rd September 1878 in Kensington. Its interesting to note that their fist child , Edgar Harold Musgrave was baptised 21st November 1877 (the day before Edgar's divorce), but hje died aged just one year old.


1878 Edgar's 1st wife Henrietta remarries

Edgar Musgrave's divorced first wife Henrietta married Manuel Eyre 7th October 1878. Their marriage was short lived as he died 29th August 1879 in Shropshire.

Henrietta Maria Eyre lived for a period in Sidmouth Devon. She lived until 1907 when she died at Nice France.


1881 Census Edgar Musgrave Benwell Rd Holloway

The census below shows Edgar Musgrave's family living at 59 Benwell Road, Holloway, London. Living next door at this time at 57 was George & Emily Musgrove with their family and also Lambert & Alice Harris and their family.(see main George Musgrove family section of this website for details). Whether the Musgrave and Musgrave families knew each other is not Known.Remember George Musgrove is related to Edgar Musgrave through George's first wife Christiana, who was the daughter of Thomas Musgrave.

This would make Edgar and Christiana cousins but as Christiana had died 10 years before, and her father Thomas 2 years before that George Musgrove would probably never met him or known of him.

It is likely that the trust fund that was paying George Musgrove was also paying Edgar Muagrave as these funds originated from the same Will. It is possible that the administrators of the trust owned both these properties in Benwell Road. In either case both families only lived here for a couple of years.

During the period 1878 to 1883 Edgar Musgrave lived in Notting Hill and Holloway
in North London and Danbury in Essex.
This is detailed on the page Edgar Musgrave Danbury.

Edgar photographed around this time in London

1891 Census Edgar Musgrave Family Finchley

The 1891 census records Edgar Musgrave and his wife Louisa living at Cleveland House, Oak Lane, Finchley. The family consists of Edgar (55), Louisa (42), Louisa Broughton (21) step daughter, and their 3 children James Robert Alexander (12), Charlotte Margaret (10) and George William Reginald Macmahon Musgrave (1) who died later that year.

Little is known of Edgar's 3 children from his first marriage. Horace Edgar Musgrave emigrated, Philip Cranston Musgrave disapears from the records, and their sister Ethel Henrietta married Archibald Wilson McArthur in Exeter in 1896. Records show they had a daughter Margaret Ethel McArthur born 1906 in Totnes.

Horace Edgar Musgrave had emigrated to New Zealand by 1891 when he married Cecilia Elizabeth Ross on 9th April in Christchurch. They are recorded as having 7 chidren: Ethel Marion Musgrave (1892 - 1976), Christopher Musgrave (1893 - ?), Geoffrey Musgrave (1896 - 1917), Maxwell Morison Musgrave (1900 - 1973), Helen Aroha Musgrave (1901 - 1988), Alison Sibella Musgrave (1907 - ?) and Sylvia Mary Musgrave (1907 - ?).

Edgar Musgrave's step mother Charlotte Matilda Musgrave died 20th April 1893 at the Esplanade Hotel Paignton Devon.


1901 Census Edgar Musgrave Maida Vale
The 1901 census lists the Musgrave family now living at 65 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale, London. The family comprise Edgar (66), Esther (49), their son James (22), their Daughter Charlotte (20), and their grandson Francis Lucas (3) also listed is Edgar and Esther's adopted daughter Constance (8), and Edgar's sister Clare Fitzgerald (69) now a widow finally 5 boarders and 2 servants complete the household.


1911 Census Edgar Musgrave Family Maida Vale
The 1911 census records the Mugrave family now living at 49 Lanark Villas, Maida Vale, London. The family comprises of Edgar (76), his wife Louisa shown as Esther (58), their adopted daughter Constance (17), and their grand daughter Louisa Sarah Lucas (8).

Edgar Musgrave lived another 3 years until his death in 1914


1878 - 1883 Edgar Musgrave at
Notting Hill, Holloway & Danbury

The Musgrave Family of Shillington